AMP Implementations

Python (Twisted)

Where AMP was invented. Used as a reference for all other implementations.

Code and documentation here:

Python (stdlib-only)

Eric Mangold has written a pure-Python AMP client/server library using only standard-library features. See Ampy.


Eric also wrote a C# AMP client/server library. See AmpSharp.

PHP client

Stephen Thorne has produced a PHP client here:   ampclient.php

Javascript (node.js)

Ying Li has written a Javascript lib here:

ActionScript 3

Ben Doran has written an ActionScript 3 client/server lib here:


7-Eleven Stores has sponsored a Java implementation available on github:


Peter Lemenkov has written an Erlang implementation available here:

Dave Peticolas has written an Erlang implementation available here:


Tristan Seligmann has written a Clojure implementation available here:

C library - libamp

Eric Mangold and Peter Le Bek have written a C library implementation of AMP. (Also usable from C++, or other languages that may easily bind to C-ABI libraries.)

See the libamp page for further details or to contribute.